We’re pleased to announce the speakers at NECTM8 2020. In alphabetical order, they are listed below.

Dr. Timo Bolt

Erasmus Mc, The Netherlands

Rotterdam harbour, history and health

Ms. Shirley Molitor - Kirsch

Children's Mercy Kansas City, MO USA, United States

Travelling with children, are we almost there?

Dr. Perry JJ van Genderen

Insitute for Tropical Diseases, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands

Risk of travel-acquired diseases in NECTM territory

Dr. Gunnar Halse

Reiseklinikken - Oslo Travel Clinic, Norway

Changes in the epidemiology of tick-borne diseases in a future of global warming

Ms. Linn Vidalve

Vaccindirekt, Sweden

Travel advice in Sweden

Drs. Ad van Esch

Health Education, The Netherlands

Travel battle for nurses
What are the major health risks for older travellers?

Ms. Nelleke Ernstig

Waarnemend Huisarts, The Netherlands

Medical guide for ships in case of an outbreak

Mrs. Sandra Grieve

Royal College Of Nursing, United Kingdom

Travel advice in the UK

Mr. Cornelis A. de Pijper-Reus

Amsterdam UMC - University of Amsterdam - Center For Tropical Medicine And Travel Medicine, The Netherlands

Rabies prophylaxis in immunocompromised travellers

Mr. Peter Voorrecht

Amsterdam Universitair Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Travel advice in het Netherlands